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your video will look great because:

As an experienced camera person, no matter what your speaking style; you, in frame, in focus, smooth camera movement, smooth pans and zooms, visual aids captured or edited in later, ...and most importantly, great audio. After all, what good is great video if you can't hear what's being said? The best wireless mike systems, a channel directly from the sound board when possible, and always a secondary audio source as backup.

demo includes:

- Two video clips of John Lenberg speaking in large room with big crowd at a Tony Robbins seminar.
- Next is one of the many "in house" training seminars I shot for the Anthony Robbins Institute. Most of the speakers have very active, high energy styles and move around quite a bit. I included an example of a Q&A session. For the Anthony Robbins training seminars, we always shot with a single camera.
- The third snippet of video is from a fundraiser for Childrens Hospital. This is part of an edited promotional piece that I shot with 2 cameras a few years back.

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